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Support for Billing Microsoft the leader in subscription, today announced that sharp cloud has successfully implemented for the Cloud platform in 20 days. Sharp cloud provides visual, social road mapping which is used by customers to manage knowledge and networks around their strategic planning and innovation programs. It is developed and hosted on Windows Azure.

Sharp cloud leveraged Windows billing Microsoft and tools to bring their solution to life and quickly set about the task of monetizing, namely, enabling sharp cloud for subscriptions. It quickly became clear that building such a complicated solution in-house was not an option.

Through the Microsoft Windows Azure and the billing Microsoft One programs. Billings Microsoft was able to get started quickly with the billing Microsoft team, which was already well versed and integrated into the Windows Azure ecosystem.

Billing Microsoft is now using MSN renewal phone number +1-855-785-2511 to enable billing payments. Payments and subscription of management for its Windows Azure-based application, are specifically:

    • Multiple pricing plans to sell to individuals and businesses
    • Support for multiple currencies — GBP, USD, and Euros
    • Online commerce capabilities
    • Support for credit cards; PCI compliance
    • Seamless integration to PayPal for payment processing
    • A platform to handle subscription orders from different partners, including Fujitsu

Sharp cloud deployed the Zuora Toolkit for Windows Azure to dramatically accelerate time-to-market and automate. The pricing and web orders for its Windows Azure platform cloud-based application with seamless integration to PayPal.