Microsoft Billing Customer Support Number

Troubleshoot problems when paying for something from Microsoft

If you’re having trouble buying something from Microsoft Store, here are some steps to try to get things working again.

Check your payment option and account info

These are common reasons that may cause problems when you try to buy something from Microsoft Store. Select the header that best describes your issue, and it’ll open to display more info:

Is your payment option info up to date?

If your payment is declined or you receive a message that there is an issue with the details for your payment option, make sure that your payment option has the correct account or credit card number, CVV number, name, billing address, and expiration date on the Payment options page.

If you need info about how to add, update, or remove a payment options, see Change the payment method or credit card linked to your Microsoft account.

Is your account in good standing?

The status of your Microsoft account can affect your ability to make purchases from Microsoft Store. You won’t be able to make a purchase if your account has:

Does your account region and Microsoft Store location match?

If your account region and your Microsoft store location don’t match, you’ll have a problem making a purchase. You must have a valid billing address and payment option that matches your locale. For more info about how to check and change your region, see Change your country or region in Microsoft Store.

If you’ve moved and need to update your region info for Xbox, go to Moving? Bring Xbox Live with you and follow the directions to change your region.

Do you have enough funds in your Microsoft account balance to cover taxes?

If you’re trying to buy something using your Microsoft Account balance, you may not have enough funds in your account to cover the total cost of the item. For example, if you try to buy a game that’s listed as $9.99, and you have an Microsoft account balance of $10, that amount isn’t enough to cover the taxes, so you’ll need to add more funds pay the final balance.

If you need to add more money, see Add money to your Microsoft account and How to spend all of your Microsoft gift card money.

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Microsoft Billing Support

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