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Microsoft Billing Software includes everything you need to create invoices quickly and easily, for all your regular invoices, and for any other chargeable events, using simple workflow.

The software comes with examples and training videos that show you how to easily create tens, hundreds, or thousands of invoices in one go.

The Benefits

  • Save time and improve efficiency
  • Improves accuracy – staff closer to the customer enter the data
  • Improve customer relations by reducing billing errors
  • Speed up invoice creation for non-accounting staff
  • Scale up your business without needing more data entry staff
  • Create tens, hundreds or thousands of invoices quickly and easily
  • Everything can be billed at the click of a button, even small charges

Who is it for?

  • Call centre sales teams
  • E-commerce companies
  • Professionals with chargeable time
  • Service industries with various chargeable activities
  • Membership organizations with monthly subscriptions

Support for Microsoft Billing Software @ +1-855-785-2511

Microsoft Dynamics Billing Software automates all the steps involved in your billing cycle from creating chargeable events right through to invoice fulfilment. It uses a flat table to which you add each transaction so that each item corresponds with a single line on an invoice. Optional extras add further processes to take and record payments and connect all the billing data into your accounting system.

  1. Regular Monthly Billing
    Microsoft Dynamics Billing Software comes with a pre-configured custom table for controlling all your regular monthly billing – out of the box. Or for more complex environments, you can easily customize this table for your own billing cycle needs.
  2. Chargeable Events
    whatever way chargeable events are set up in your Microsoft Dynamics Billing – ie as a system entity or a custom entity – use simple workflow to easily add a transaction into CRM Billing Software, and the event will be billed automatically at the end of your billing cycle.
  3. Invoice Creation
    As often as you require, all transactions and billable items from different sources are collected together and a single invoice per customer is automatically created (convergent billing).
  4. Invoice fulfillment
    once invoices are ready, Billing Software emails or posts them out to the customer from within Microsoft Dynamics Billing.
  5. Payment Processing (optional)
    An upgrade is available that enables credit/debit card payment handling or direct debit processing.
  6. Connect to your accounts package (optional)
    An upgrade is available that connects all billing data into your accounts system. We currently offer a connector for Sage 50 and for Xerox (connectors for Sage 200 and other accounting packages are available on consultancy basis).

Examples include:

  • Quick one-off invoice transaction for telephone salespeople to generate during a call.
  • Uploading a spreadsheet of transactions from an e-commerce system into Microsoft Billing Software.
  • Timesheet billing directly from activities for lawyers and service industry professionals.
  • Job Bag billing for manufacturing.
  • Telecoms billing to include calls and rentals.
  • Rental billing for property or equipment rentals.
  • Monthly and subscription billing for magazines and services.

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