Microsoft Billing support and service @ 1-855-785-2511

Microsoft Billing support and service @ 1-855-785-2511

Billings page shows your billing history and trend, the balance due for the current month, links to your invoice and reconciliation files, and your most recent payment. Microsoft doesn’t have any requirements or conditions about how you handle your own invoicing. To determine customers’ usage, use the customer ID/name and other relevant fields within the reconciliation files. Add your own fees and charges for services and products that you provide. Send a single bill for all charges to your customer for Microsoft Billing.

Billing basics Dates

  • Your monthly billing date is the day of the month you selected during enrollment. Microsoft will send a confirmation email that includes your billing date.
  • You can find price lists 1 month in advance, as they’re updated monthly. License-based prices are guaranteed for the term of the subscription, usually 12 months from the purchase date. Usage-based prices can change on a monthly basis. We will provide 30 days’ notice for any price change through the publication of our Partner Price List.

Payment terms

  • Payment terms – net 60 days.
  • Payments must be made by the invoice due date (60 days after the billing date), or the account will be delinquent.
  • Delinquent accounts are subject to suspension and/or termination from the Cloud Solution Provider program. Suspended accounts can’t create a new customer or order, request a reseller relationship, increase or decrease quantities of subscriptions, order add-on subscriptions, convert or transition a subscription and will be limited to managing existing customers, subscriptions and resources until the account is brought current. Partners can regain full functionality of their suspended accounts when they pay their outstanding Microsoft Billing bills.

Billing rules

  • You will receive one invoice each month for the CSP program.
  • License-based subscriptions are billed based on licenses purchased, not licenses used.
  • Azure (usage-based subscriptions) are billed according to metered rates, based on consumption.
  • Price is guaranteed through the term of the subscription. Prices may change at subscription renewal.

Invoice availability

You can view and download your invoices and reconciliation files from the Billing page in the Partner Center.


  • Credits for test accounts and integration testing are not authorized. To avoid subscription charges or early termination fee charges when you are performing testing, you can cancel the subscription during the “free period”. All consumption usage charges for Azure services are your responsibility.
  • You’ll see adjustments and credits in arrears on your next monthly billing invoice after the credit or adjustment is applied.


  • You will be taxed based on your details, (not your customers’) as the billing relationship is between Microsoft and you.
  • You can submit your tax ID during onboarding or via a service request. You’ll see the changes reflected on your next billing cycle.
  • For withholding and sales tax exemption, you must submit tax documentation via a service request. You’ll see the changes and appropriate refunds on your next billing cycle.
  • For value added tax (VAT) exemption, you must submit your VAT ID (validated by Microsoft) via a service request. You’ll see the changes and appropriate refunds on your next billing cycle.
  • Find further tax details from your local tax office or tax advisor.