Microsoft Live Mail Support

Support for MSN Live Mail

Contact Support

  • Check’s status for known issues.
  • Open the Microsoft account,
  • Click Sign in near the top right if available (you are not logged in to the Microsoft Community).
  • If you are not logged in to your account:
    • Enter your email address
    • Type your password over Password.
    • Click Sign in.
  • Enter a summary of your problem in the search field.
  • Click to find answers (showing a magnifying glass).
  • See if your question for support has already been asked.

If it has, checks for solutions and answers or clicks Me Too under Had this question if the questions have not yet been satisfactorily answered.

  • Click Create under Create your own question or discussion
  • Type the headline for your support request under Title.
    • Ideally, the title will be a concise summary and offer enough detail to grasp the scope and theme of your question.
    • The Microsoft Community will have suggested your query for the title; you can use that if it fits, of course.
  • Enter your problem, question and support request under Details.
  • Make sure Microsoft account,, Sky Drive is selected under Category:
  • Now make sure is selected under Product.
  • Choose the category that is related to your issue.
    Typically, make sure Post an issue is selected.
  • Typically, also make sure Notify me when someone responds to this post is checked so you get alerts to new replies.
  • Click Submit.

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