Blue Screen Error on Microsoft Windows

How can I fix Blue Screen Error On Windows?

a: Check out the kind of issue:

Be sure to check the hardware connection to make sure all the cables and wires are connected properly. After that look if the RAM and hard drives are connected and the blue screen is working properly to avoid the problem. After that, you can check whether there is any unnecessary file or software on your PC. Then remove them to fix the blue screen error of death windows.


b: Look into the error report:

To reach the depth of the problem and to get support for fixing the blue screen on windows, change the settings of the computer so that the contents of the blue screen can be read. Usually, the computer system reboots itself, but once the content is read, the related error can be known and Google can solve the problem.

c: How to get support to fix a blue screen on windows:

  1. Boot in safe mode: If Windows does not start due to a blue screen error, try booting into safe mode and fix the problem. As the computer is booting, press F8 key repeatedly until the safe mode option appears.
  2. Scan a virus: Sometimes the virus and malware are the root cause of the blue screen error, to find anything to run a virus scan, which can cause all the problems.
  3. Install a repair of Windows: This is a quick option to completely restore Windows because it only copies the system files on your computer.
  4. Clear the hard disk space: Remove unnecessary data files and programs if your hard disk is less than 15% free  Re-install Windows: If you are unable to track down the error, you should try a full re-installation of Windows as a way to reset your computer. Ensure that you have back up all of your important files.

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