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Xbox Live support

Our Xbox Live support contact number will allow you talk to an Xbox Live customer services agent to solve any problems or answer any problems you may have.

Xbox Live allows you to play online, download the latest demos, download additional content for games, download retro games, access music and play games on demand. If you are looking to join then call 1800 469 9269.

If you wish to contact Xbox about your Xbox One or Xbox 360 requirements then you can call the Xbox team on our other dedicated contact number 1800 469 9269.

Have a read of the information below as these maybe some of the reason why you might want to contact Xbox Live support.

  • Managing your monthly subscription – How you can add funds or Microsoft points to your Xbox Live account? Report any errors or suspicions on your monthly bill and also contact Xbox Live for cancelling or upgrading your Xbox Live subscription. Contacting Xbox Live
  • Upgrading to Xbox Live Gold – Upgrade to Xbox Live Gold and get free games every month and exclusive member discounts of up to 75% in the Xbox Store.Contacting Xbox Live
  • Need Help setting up? Call Xbox to find support on how to setup your Xbox Live subscription to your network so that you can access the internet and access online features by calling Xbox on 1855 785 2511.
  • Need Xbox Kinect Support? Call to receive help setting up the Xbox Kinect camera to your Xbox device. Also, find out from the Xbox support team the different features available when using it in your home.
  • Ask for help when setting up your Xbox Live Account – How you create an Xbox Live profile, how to change your Xbox Live Gamertag, how to upgrade to Xbox Live Gold and the different options and payment methods you can choose from. Contacting Xbox Live
  • Can I transfer my Gamer Tag? Learn how you can transfer your Xbox 360 account to your Xbox One console and solve any problems you may encounter when doing so by calling Xbox Live Customer Care on 1800 469 9269.
  • Check if you are eligible for a refund for any purchases you have made – Contact Xbox to query your billing records or report any suspicious details regarding your Xbox Live Account.
  • Xbox Live Security Find out about the protection and security of your devices and how you can protect them using different methods such as an authenticator. You can also learn how to secure your network to prevent any unauthorised access by calling Xbox Live customer support on 1855 785 2511...
  • Receive help regarding Xbox peripheral Items and add-ons for your console – for example how to connect an Xbox controller to the Xbox console, how to set up a new headset to an Xbox and also how to set up the Kinect.
  • Can I setup Family Security Restrictions? Yes, If you would like to setup parental or family settings on your Xbox console then you should call Xbox Live on 1800 469 9269. to speak to someone that can advise accordingly. Contacting Xbox Live
  • Contact Xbox for information on over-heating of your device and how to prevent your console from doing so in the future.
  • Find out how to fix faults on your console or where you can take your Xbox console to be fixed and receive tips to keep it in the best possible condition by contacting Xbox Live support on 1855 785 2511.
  • Contact Xbox, on 1855 785 2511. for the latest information on upcoming updates and games for your Xbox 360 & Xbox One console
  • Xbox Live Rewards – Get credits from Xbox for your commitment
If you wish to contact Xbox Live then call our Xbox Live Contact number on 1800 469 9269.

Xbox Live Technical Support

If you are having problems connecting to your Xbox Live service then contact a member of the Xbox Live team on the Xbox Live contact number. Alternatively, you can access a rich and extensive amount of Xbox support & Xbox Live Support on the Xbox website – www.xbox.com.

A member of the Xbox Live team will be able to help you check your basic setup to the internet and try and help you make sure all of your cables are correctly connected. Xbox will not and does provide your physical internet connection and has no control over it,

If you need to check the current service status of Xbox Live you can access the online check here at Xbox – www.support.xbox.com.

Your Internet Connection
Xbox supports most, if not all of the latest Broadband & Fibre Broadband services from the likes of Virgin Media, BT & Talk Talk, plus many more. Your Xbox Live connection is determined in most cases by the quality of your Internet Connection from your provider.

Before calling Xbox Live, you need to check with your Internet Service Provider that your internet connection is or has been stable if you have been having problems with Xbox Live. There are many determining factors that your Internet Service provider will advise you on to increase the quality of your Broadband or Fibre Broadband service.

You cannot connect to Xbox Live and utilise online gaming or downloadable content without a working internet connection that is connected to your device.

Accounts, Purchases & Xbox Live Subscriptions

Your Xbox Live subscription can be set up online, from your Xbox console or you can contact Xbox Live directly on 1800 469 9269. You can choose to pay for 1 month, 3 months or take an annual subscription for £39.99.

Xbox Live subscriptions can be also be bought from 3rd party providers like Microsoft, Amazon, Argos, Game and Tesco. You can also be gifted an Xbox Live subscription, if you need to redeem your code, contact Xbox Live or use this line to connect – www.xbox.com

If you need to change your account and personal details if you are moving address or you need to change you card details then you can do this online or on your Xbox device. If you need to query your recent payment or payments to Xbox then contact the Xbox Live team for information on your account.

Cancelling your Xbox Live subscription
For Xbox customers that want to cancel their subscription then please contact Xbox Live. If you need to cancel your Xbox account or subscription because you have sold your Xbox device then contact Xbox to find out how to wipe your personal information and data before doing so.

Xbox Faults & Repairs – 1800 469 9269

For any faults with your Xbox console then you must contact the Xbox support team as they will help you with the problem whether it be they tell you how to repair it or replace it for you. They will also advise on the warranty of the device and associated charges if any. The Xbox Support team can be contacted on 1855 785 2511

You must contact the Xbox Support team if:

  • Your Xbox will not turn on.
  • The Xbox has overheated.
  • Your controller won’t connect to your Xbox.
  • Contact Xbox if your console will not read discs.
  • If any Xbox cables have been lost/damaged.
  • If your Kinect won’t work then contact Xbox support.

Xbox Media Problems

Contact Xbox Support to solve the following problems with your Xbox One & Xbox 360:

  • You are having problems downloading music to your Xbox.
  • There is an error whilst downloading/streaming videos to the console.
  • You are unable to add videos to Xbox Video.
  • You want to figure out how to use an Xbox controller on PC.
  • There is a problem connecting Xbox controller to the PC.
  • Pictures will not load on the Xbox Gallery.
  • Xbox DVR is not uploading/not recording.

Lates Game Updates – Call of Duty Black Ops 3

The first map pack for Call Of Duty Black Ops 3, Awakening is available to Xbox One players on March 2nd, 2016. The DLC includes four multiplayer maps: Rise is set on a snowy construction site for a subterranean research campus on the outskirts of Zurich. Gauntlet is based in a military training facility which includes three different environments: jungle, snow and urban. Splash is located in an abandoned water park which consists of large colourful water slides, an abandoned pirate ship and large amounts of water where players are able to have underwater battles. The final map, Skyjacked, is a remake of one of Black Ops 2’s fan favourite maps, Hijacked. The map includes some changes, in order to link up with the new movement Black Ops 3. The DLC also includes the next part of Treyarch’s most famous mode, Zombies. Richtofen, Nikolai, Takeo and Dempsey find themselves in a medieval castle defending off the zombie apocalypse. Treyarch has introduced some new and some old features which cause this zombie experience to be like none other. Contacting Xbox contact number.

For any more information regarding the DLC or if you are having any problems with the DLC, then you can call Xbox customer services on 1800 469 9269 Xbox contact number.

Reasons as to why you might need to call Xbox customer services:

  • Problems downloading the DLC.
  • Problems downloading the Season Pass.
  • Unable to purchase the DLC.
  • Unable to purchase the Season Pass.
  • Unable to connect to Black Ops 3 Servers.
  • Problems purchasing COD Points.
  • In-game problems.
  • Cannot connect to the Xbox Servers.

Other Devices

Contact Xbox Live to get help for support on other devices including, Android, Windows 7 Phone, Windows Phone 8, and Windows Games.

Xbox Support will help you solve the following problems:

  • How to connect your Xbox profile to your mobile.
  • If you are unable to download Xbox games to your mobile.
  • You are unable to sign into your account via mobile.

New Xbox Elite Controller

Xbox revealed their new wireless controller for the Xbox One console at E3 2015. The new controller allows users to customize and create a controller which suits their own individual needs. With numerous choices of thumbsticks and D-pads of all shapes and sizes, the user can create their own personal, unique controller which allows them to perform to the best of their ability. The Elite controller includes the choice of triggers to be added onto the back of the controller at which the user can assign the function of the triggers using the Xbox app on Windows 10 or the Xbox One console. If you would like to find out more information about the app or if you are having problems with the Xbox app then contact Xbox Support on https://www.billingsmicrosoft.com/billing-microsoft/change-your-payment-method-for-microsoft-office-365/. The new controller is available in October 2015 but you can pre-order it now. If you would like to pre-order the Xbox One Elite controller or if you have any queries about it then call the Xbox Support number on https://www.billingsmicrosoft.com/billing-microsoft/change-your-payment-method-for-microsoft-office-365/

The Xbox contact team are ready to take a call to help you understand any faults that have occurred on your devices. Firstly register your device with Xbox by logging into your Xbox account.

Meet Xbox One –y. Xbox users will be delighted to know that four new, dynamic multiplayer maps are available for purchase as well as the modified, returning game mode, Exo Zombies.  Alongside the exciting new maps and game mode, the customers will also receive the brand new, directed energy weapon, the AE4. The four new multiplayer maps include; Contacting Xbox Live
Core, which is based in a desert in an area where the ruins of a nuclear fusion plant now lie,
Second is the close quarter combat, futuristic map, Urban.
The third map is Sideshow. Located at an abandoned motel, this map will scare you and excite you as you try to avoid the bombs thrown at you by a huge, over watching clown.
Finally, you head towards a snowy ski resort up in the Rocky Mountains where you are caught up in all-out-firefight on the last map called. For more information on how to purchase these four new maps then contact Xbox or call Xbox Live on 1800 469 9269. Contacting Xbox Live
If you have had enough of multiplayer for the time being, then you can enjoy the re-designed game mode, Exo Zombies. Based on Treyarch’s fan favourite game mode, zombies, Sledgehammer has created their own breed of zombies.  They have adapted zombies to fit in with the Advanced Warfare time era and play style creating a completely new experience for all users to enjoy. To purchase this DLC or if you have any problems with the DLC then contact Xbox Live on https://www.billingsmicrosoft.com/billing-microsoft/change-your-payment-method-for-microsoft-office-365/.” Contacting Xbox Live

For any Technical Issue in Xbox Call @ 1-800-469-9269 Toll-Free

For Renew Xbox Service Call @ 1-855-785-2511 Toll-Free

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